Omar Aguilar

Date of Ordination: September 25, 2010
Current Assignment: St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral, Camden

Being a deacon never entered my mind until the day my pastor, Monsignor Robert McDermott, since retired, approached me about joining the diaconate. I was very surprised because the suggestion came out of the blue. Although I was active in parish ministry, the public commitment the diaconate entailed was intimidating. After consulting my wife, Maureen, the question of whether I had what it took to be a deacon remained very open. Still, I wondered what it was Monsignor saw in me.

During aspirancy, I expected at some point to be asked to leave and not come back. Instead, with Maureen’s support and the help of the good people I met in the diocesan program, I requested and was granted admittance to diaconate formation. I continued to struggle with self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness even as my faith deepened and I learned about Holy Scripture, catholic tradition and myself as a person. As I slowly begun to recognize and accept God’s will in my life, my call to the diaconate became louder and clearer. By the end of our retreat before ordination, I felt my entire life had been a preparation to bring me to that point. I was called to be a deacon not because of any personal merits but because God had chosen me to serve in this way despite my shortcomings and weaknesses.

After ordination, I continue to discern my diaconate identity in Jesus’ prayer before His passion: “Father, … not my will but yours be done.” Amen.