John Contino

Date of Ordination: June 11, 2005
Current Assignment: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lindenwold

My calling to the diaconate has been a journey of trust and faith. I remember thinking of becoming a deacon when I was in my late thirties and into my forties, but I hesitated because I didn’t feel worthy. However, these promptings kept resurfacing. I know now they were from the Lord. Even though I did not at first respond, the Lord was guiding and preparing me for my ministry. It really started with my Catholic education, and then later into my adult life through movements within the Catholic Church. Marriage Encounter, the Charismatic Movement and the Cursillo Movement were all part of my nurturing, as were the many parish ministries in which I served.

I realized for sure the Lord was truly calling me at a Charismatic Conference in Wildwood NJ. It happened at the closing Mass during the Consecration. It would take too long to describe my experience, but I was deeply touched by Our Lord. I prayed asking the Lord to help me understand what He wanted of me. I still didn’t completely realize I was being called to be a Deacon, but I began taking one step at a time which eventually led me to the Diaconate Program. I was ordained June 11, 2005.

As a Deacon, I’m proud to serve Our Lord and His people. It gives me much opportunity to give witness to Christ in both good times and bad. It is to me a personal prayer and my way of serving Christ.