Frank Campisi

Date of Ordination: May 2, 2015
Current Assignment: Saint Charles Borromeo, Sicklerville

The first verse/chorus of the Brandon Heath song, Your Love, sums up my diaconate journey:

I felt it first when I was younger, a strange connection to the light. I tried to satisfy the hunger, I never got it right. But your love, your love the only thing that matters is Your love, your love Is all I have to give, Your love is enough to light up the darkness. It’s your love, your love. All I ever needed is your love

I was a public school educated kid and a “regular” Catholic. Mass most Sundays and Holidays, not Holy Days, no prayer before meals, maybe one at bedtime if I needed help for a test. I drifted away as a young adult and my future wife brought me home to the Church.

I met a wonderful priest through the Sacrament of Reconciliation and slowly took on every ministry in the Parish. When I made the decision after 16 years of Church service to formally apply to the diaconate, his response was, “what took you so long?”

I am His miserable and unworthy servant, I say that each time I put on the stole, yet He allows me to serve Him and his people. I want to love the way He loved, give the way He gave, reach my hand out to the lost, and bring the hope of a life with Christ to the hopeless.

Hopefully, one day I will hear His say, “Well done my faithful servant”.