Michael J. Carter

Date of Ordination: February 13, 1999
Current Assignment: Saint Damien, Ocean City

I was blessed to be a part of a faith-filled family, nurtured by loving parents, and was fortunate to attend Catholic Elementary and High School where, combined with a devoted Catholic household, I was able to develop a strong sense of faith, desire to learn, and willingness to serve others, which has continued to this very day. My parents always tried, by example, to implant within each of us a love for God, fidelity to the Church, and respect for others. I was like most people of my generation. I worked, married, had a family, and tried to pass on the traditions instilled by my parents.

In the Spring of 1990, one of our seminarians (who recently celebrated 25 years in the priesthood) casually asked me if I ever considered becoming a deacon. My first thought was, not me, there were men more qualified than I was. I asked myself, could God be calling me? Could I answer this call to service? I prayed over it for a long time, and eventually decided that it was time to act.

I was ordained on February 13, 1999 along with 11 other men. As I reflect on my Ordination Day, I can only attempt to express the overwhelming joy and excitement I felt when Bishop Schad placed his hands upon my head and in silence passed on to me the gift of the Holy Spirit. Realizing that I was ordained as a cleric of the Church is a moment I will cherish forever. I knew then that God was with me, and that He would remain with me always!

That moment was the fulfillment of many years of prayer, training, discernment, questions, and the support of many. The grace of Jesus Christ has brought me to this ministry of service, and I am so happy I said “YES”. And so began, my journey of service.