Anthony Cioe

Date of Ordination: September 25, 2010
Current Assignment: Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Turnersville

Throughout my life, I always worked hard to succeed, yet I always sensed an inner tension; an inner voice telling me that there was something more that God was asking me to do, and something more that God was asking me to be.
God brought other people into my life that would help me discern my call. One particular year I attended a weekend retreat with my brother-in -law. During that quiet weekend of silence and prayer, the call to serve began to emerge more clearly.

In the months and years that followed, I continued to pray for guidance. I began to inquire about the diaconate and learned that while a deacon is most visible when assisting at Mass, that part of his ministry is only the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface is the much larger role of serving those in need, being an agent of change, being a missionary disciple, and acting as a bridge between the church and the secular world.

Since ordination, I’ve marveled at what the Holy Spirit has strengthened me to do for others. I’ve also learned that God’s call is not static. On the contrary it’s dynamic. It’s ever changing. So while my purpose is to serve, the way that I serve God’s people is different depending on the needs of those I encounter. I’m both anxious and excited to discover where God’s call will take me, and I pray that wherever He leads I will have the courage to say yes.