Diaconate Vocation

The foundation of the ministry of the Order of Deacon is a divine vocational call. A call to vocation is a grace from God. There are many ways in which this grace may present itself: through an invitation on the part of priests, deacons, and the faithful who suggest to you that you might consider the diaconate. Through a personal conviction that arises from your own personal prayer life or the pastoral activity you are engaged in for the sake of building up the kingdom of God.

Men who seek to enter the Diaconate Formation Program in the hope of receiving the Order of Diaconate already feel themselves called by Christ to this particular ministry of service. The call to Diaconate is a call to a life dedicated to the service of God and the Church in fidelity, compassion and courage. The Deacon is especially to be identified by his witness to charity, his service to the bishop, and his love and concern for the poor, the outcast, and the weak. Before he can enter into the Order of deacon a man must feel called to a life of radical witness for the sake of the kingdom of God.

For more information call the Office of the Diaconate (856) 583-2858 or email michael.carter@camdendiocese.org.