Am I Called to be a Deacon?

There is no simple answer to the question “Am I called to be a deacon?”  However, we believe that the person of faith through personal prayer, competent spiritual direction and recognition that the Church has the obligation to discern if such a vocation is truly present can discover God’s will.

Certain personal, social and spiritual qualities are required for ordained ministry. These are generally of two kinds: those that pattern the candidate in the likeness of Christ and those required to meet the special needs of the local Church at a particular time and place.

Anyone contemplating a vocation to the diaconate should be actively involved in ministry in his local community and/or parish. A candidate’s desire to be a deacon is never sufficient in itself. He must, in addition, wait on the prayerful, enlightened decision of the Church. For more information call the Diaconate Office at 856-583-2858 or email