Are you Called To Be A Deacon?

There is no simple answer to the question “Am I called to be a deacon?”  However, we believe that the person of faith through personal prayer, competent spiritual direction and recognition that the Church has the obligation to discern if such a vocation is truly present can discover God’s will.

The Permanent Diaconate is an ancient and sacred ministry of service dating back to the time of the apostles. Deacons are ministers of Charity, the Word and the Altar. And the Church needs good and faithful men to step up today and ask themselves if they are being called by Almighty God to serve the Church through this commitment to holy orders.

First and foremost, a man must prayerfully listen, as St. Benedict said,”..with the ear of your heart” to figure out if God Himself has designs on you to respond affirmatively to this vocation in your life. The call is magnanimous and mysterious, deeply personal and curiously persistent. But there is also an abiding peace associated with it. Deacons bring the light and life and hope of Christ to a world full of broken people who live in the gloomy darkness of relativism, sin and secularism. Deacons bring people to Christ and Christ to people. Could this be you? God may be calling you to this ministry. Think about it. Pray about it. and Listenwith the ear of your heart.” For more information call the Diaconate Office at 856-583-2858 or email