What does Christ want of Me?

The Diaconate is a call from Christ into the sacrament of Holy Orders. This call is mutually discerned by a man who perceives the call and the church, as present in the bishop, who ratifies the call. A deacon allows Christ to extend His mystery of sacred service into every age by his willing Yes. To become a deacon is to configures one’s life to Christ and to the pastoral vision of one’s own Diocesan bishop. The church needs affectively and spiritually mature men who are no longer looking to find themselves but give themselves to the work of the Holy Spirit. The church needs creative men, men who have the capacity to see these ministerial needs that have yet to be met in the Diocese, and in light of the bishop’s call, stepping up to meet them.

The church needs prayerful men, men willing to suffer the deepening of their own prayer lives so that they have something to offer the people of the Diocese of Camden. The church needs knowledgeable men, men who integrate their prayer with a love for Scripture, theology and preaching. It needs men who preach and teach out of their deepest communion with Christ.

A man who aspires to the diaconate is one who lets himself be healed of any fear of Christ coming too close, he desires Christ to affect him in heart, mind and action as his foundational longing. With this as his foundation a deacon can lead others to Christ by word and deed.

For more information about the Permanent Diaconate contact Deacon Michael Carter at Michael.carter@camdendiocese.org or call 856-583-2858.