Vincent Latini

Date of Ordination: June 11, 2005
Current Assignment: Holy Angels Parish, Woodbury

My journey began several years before entering diaconate formation when I had a desire to deepen my prayer life through spiritual direction. Through the encouragement of my director and others, and still with the longing to become a better “pray-er” and to grow closer to God, I inquired about the diaconate and started classes and involvement with the diaconate community several years before ordination. While remaining active in my parish I developed a new view of what ministry meant and eventually what ordination meant not only for myself, but also for my family and community.

I had always been involved in parish ministries, but the development of my prayer life, knowledge gained through our lessons and learning from my classmate’s life stories, allowed me to see how the Holy Spirit was guiding my life to a deeper life in Him and a deeper life in His Church.

I found for myself, particularly in our final year of preparation, that these forces gave to me an affirmation that the life of a deacon was part of God’s plan for myself and family. I still see this unfolding for me each day not only in the ministries in which I participate, but most strongly in the prayer life that the Holy Spirit and His Church has granted to me. Praise God!