Thomas Fargnoli

Date of Ordination: May 2, 2015
Current Assignment: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lindenwold, NJ

As a kid, I always enjoyed going to Church – I never had to go, but I loved going. There was “peace” that I felt there.

Later in life, I felt a closeness to Christ and just seemed to take to his words, his stories, and continued to feel that peace. This spurred on a quest for a deeper meaning of life and my place in it. I began to read and study all religions and philosophy. All of these things I pursued because I was seeking something – a meaning to life and my place in it.

My readings led me to Thomas Merton and other Catholic authors. Mass took on a new meaning for me. The idea of becoming a deacon crossed my mind but I put it aside, for I was so involved with my family and career. But later, as my children got older, I went to talk to my pastor about what a deacon is all about. I saw the activities of a deacon aligned with what Jesus was constantly trying to tell me through the books, movies, and discussions.

I began to see this path as a “call” – not the “falling off the horse call” that St. Paul received, but more of a path that was nudging me “This way Tom”. Two moments that made me sure it was the right decision were, while sitting in Mass one day, having doubts about whether it was really a call or just my ego, the scripture said it directly … “Follow Me”. The second moment was at a funeral. The scripture quoted Thomas who asked the Lord, ‘Master, we do not know where you are going; how can we know the way?’ Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.’”

It was the next day that I started the process.