Steven Theis

Date of Ordination: May 21, 2011
Current Assignment: St. Joseph, Somers Point

I found myself yeaning to do more. I have always been involved in some form of community outreach whether it was through emergency medical services or working with the American Red Cross. I found myself drawn to getting involved in the church when I left community based service. As I became more involved with my parish, I learned about the Diaconate through my pastor and others. The idea of service to Christ and our parishioners was appealing, but it took me several years to answer the call.

Once we made the decision to enter the diaconate formation process and the more I immersed myself into it, the more I was convinced that we made the correct decision. The Diaconate provides me with the opportunity to help people and be of service to them in ways I never thought would be afforded to me. For me, the Diaconate is a very humbling and fulfilling experience. There is nothing better than being a servant for Jesus. The Diaconate brought our family together more than I thought possible. My personal relationship with Jesus continues to develop. My relationship with my wife and our marriage continues to grow and strengthen.

The commitment to enter the formation process seemed overwhelming and it tested my personal fortitude on more than one occasion, but when I look back over the past ten or so years, I always come to the same conclusion that I would do it all over again.