S. Samuel Nasuti

Date of Ordination: June 11, 2005
Current Assignment: All Saints, Millville

In my journey to the diaconate, I experienced many life changing turns. Some were very good and some were heart breaking. None would I consider repeating, or traveling alone.

I first answered my call through the process of a dream. I was approached by an ordained permanent deacon, who told me that I should consider the diaconate. Later that night I dreamed that I was standing before a sea of people, preaching the Word of God! This caused me to awake in fear and trembling. The reason is that I am quite frankly and introvert by nature and never would I think to speak to a room full of people, let alone a sea of people! I continued to have this dream, until one day I awoke and decided that I would follow this call as long as the doors would open. After this, there would be no more dreams. God had gotten my attention!

My next challenge would be even greater! Shortly after I started my journey in the diaconate, my wife became seriously ill. One morning she awoke only to be in terrible pain. It was discovered that she had fractured her shoulder, just by getting out of bed. It was later that we found out that my wife had contracted bone and liver cancer. The prognosis was grim. The specialist told us that it had spread quickly and that she had less than a year to live. This was a devastating blow and caused me to re-think my priorities. I vowed to leave the diaconate and focus my time and care for my wife in the time that she had left. I was in the last year of my vocation when all of this happened. In one of our close conversations, my wife told me that her journey was almost over, but I would have to finish mine. This gave me the courage and determination to complete my studies.

The day that I was ordained my wife was in the hospital fighting for her life by getting a blood transfusion. Bishop Galante who ordained us, told me that he was offering this mass for my wife. I was greatly blessed! Later that year she passed away, but her legacy would be my salvation. My life would take many turns in the last 12 years many good things have happened, but the beginning would always start with what was given to me by my wife and a dream!