Robert Scarpa

Date of Ordination: May 2, 2015
Current Assignment: St. Mary’s, Cherry Hill

My journey to the diaconate began 30 years ago when I attended an information meeting. God told me “No”, I wasn’t ready yet. He continued to tell me to wait until early 2008 when I attended another information meeting. Through the Holy Spirit, I completed all of the application materials and sat and waited for two years before another class was formed.

All of this waiting and delays were perfect timing for me to join the St. Andrew Group. I started with 11 other men who soon became my brothers in Christ.

Our shared journey developed and formed us to be prepared for ordination on May 2, 2015.

My ordination was a result of my faith instilled in me by my parents and my Catholic education including Elementary, High School, and College Catholic schools. Much gratitude is owed to the religious sisters and priests who taught me.

My final decision to pursue the diaconate came from my love of God and my love for my Church. I wanted to make a lifetime permanent commitment to both God and my Church. My ministry has been extremely rewarding as I serve the parishioners of St. Mary’s parish. I thank God and ask Him to continue pouring His grace upon me so that I may joyfully serve His people.