Robert McMullen

Date of Ordination: May 12, 2007
Current Assignment: Serving outside the Diocese

As a college student, I was not practicing my faith as a Catholic Christian. Working with the Paulist fathers at the Newman Center at Ohio State University helped me to refocus and return to the Church. My sister, Nancy, who is a Precious Blood sister, was responsible for the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program (LPM) for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and encouraged me to participate in the LPM program, which was the first step toward diaconal formation. I moved to New Jersey in 2000, and entered the diaconate program in Camden in 2002.

My journey was not without challenges, but over time, I found that I was receiving so much in spiritual gifts that I knew it was the right path for me. I also was able to serve others in many diverse processes: Liturgically with baptisms, marriages and funerals and in other ways…. Helping Liberian children attend English classes, providing driver training to an immigrant, helping transition a convent to a shelter for immigrants and much more. I have served in three parishes, in diverse areas of the country, and have enjoyed every minute of ministry. It has been 10 years since ordination, and every day my continuing journey as a deacon strengthens my faith and service to the Lord.