Robert Hamilton

Date of Ordination: May 4, 2013
Current Assignment: Holy Eucharist, Cherry Hill

I suffered a traumatic event when I was 35. I had two very serious responsibilities, so I asked God if He would get me to 50, I would do whatever He asked after that. (Not the holiest of beginnings).

By my mid-forties, I was involved in a ministry to the homebound that led me to Rose (87 at the time). She told me I should become a deacon, right after she married me off to a woman who was also helping her. A few others also suggested the diaconate to me around the same time. So, I began to carefully consider it and to look for signs that this was God’s choice.

Formation was held mostly on Saturdays at that time, and my Saturdays were full, so I asked God again, if He wanted me to pursue this path, that would have to change, and it did.

They do call it “formation” for a reason. The next 5½ years were filled with twists and turns, and a good deal of self-revelation. I am exceedingly grateful for the entirety of the journey that led to my ordination and the grace beyond.