Richard Maxwell

Date of Ordination: June 5, 2005
Current Assignment: St. Vincent DePaul, Mays Landing

About 30 years ago, the pastor came up to me from our parish St. Peter’s in Pleasantville, and said you would make a good deacon. I said to him are you crazy, I only have a high school education and was on city council in our town.

After about 20 years, the thought never left me, and I started praying about it, could I even become a deacon? Well in 1999, the Bishop at that time started deacon application, I filled one out and I could not believe I was accepted to the program. Classes started and after two years they said we have to start all over again that the classes needed to be updated. I thought about it, and wanted to keep going because what I just learned over the past two years was still learning more about God, Church and my Faith that ever knew.

Well I was able to continue and complete all the classes with great help from my wife, the teachers, and priest friend of mind.

I must say it is the best thing that I ever did, to be a deacon, my faith has grown tremendously, in fact, my life has changed and serving the people of God is one of the greatest satisfaction anyone could ever receive.