Michael Scott

Date of Ordination: February 13, 1999
Current Assignment: St Peter, Merchantville

My Journey to the Diaconate was very enlightening as I had a special calling from our Lord. I knew the two Deacons in my parish, and volunteered at the parish frequently, however, I never dreamed of being a Deacon. I talked to the parish priest and told him about the two incidents, and he told me to pray on it, but that a class had just started and he didn’t think I would be able to get into the class.

After praying on this for the next two weeks, I found myself getting the answers to a number of things that happened through my life and the “YES” that I knew what was in my heart.

I returned to the priest and I told him what I realized in those two weeks, his answer to me, you can still get into the class.

I started my formation with 80 to 100 men looking for the same, however, as we approached the years of formation, on February 13th, 1999, only 12 of us were ordained. It’s now been 18 years, and it’s been a very interesting journey.

Always trust in the Lord, and , keep His Mother in your heart!