Kevin Laughlin

Date of Ordination: September 25, 2010
Current Assignment: Mary, Mother of Mercy, Glassboro

Born in Kenmore, NY, I attended the Diocese of Buffalo minor seminary for high school and junior college. After I left, I completed BA in English and spent three years in U.S. Army including a year in combat in Vietnam. I met my wife Mary, and we settled in Vineland NJ. She had been first woman dentist in the Army. We raised twelve adopted children from South America, New Jersey and Russia. I was an ESL/English teacher [7-16] and a school administrator through my career. I had remained active in parish life and worship throughout my adult years.

Despite active prayer life, I felt something missing. My wife spotted the ad for deacon-aspirant interviews in the parish bulletin and brought it to my attention. I began the process not knowing where it would lead. I loved the coursework and camaraderie in our cohort. I was thankful to the Lord when called to ordination. I continued studies in Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling to sharpen skills as deacon. In addition to parish responsibilities, I work with alcoholics and addicts as well as pro-bono counseling for couples and teens in parish. I offer support to Diaconate Center. I love my work and the opportunities God has provided to me to serve.