Kevin Hannon

Date of Ordination: May 2, 2015
Current Assignment: Saint Clare of Assisi, Swedesboro

My vocation came late in life. I resisted God’s call for two years. In addition to doubt, there were concerns about finding the time, returning to a classroom setting, writing term papers, mid-terms, finals and who knew what else. However, they were my issues not God’s. When I stepped out in faith, He provided the time, energy and support that I needed.

Formation was transformative. Just when I thought life was great, I began to feel the beginning of a deeper faith, an enrichment of my marriage, and a closer family connection. The things I feared would suffer, were enhanced beyond my expectations. My love of Christ, His Church, and our history deepened, as did the ties with the men of St. Andrew’s, my group, my brothers.

The formation process is not easy. A few times I considered leaving. But I did not, or perhaps could not. Who can deny Christ when He calls?

I have been ordained for two years: the same length of time I spent in denial (hiding out). I wish I had not hesitated but God is patient. If you think you have a vocation, don’t resist His invitation. Embrace it. Trust the formation process because, as I was once told, “If you’re meant to be a deacon, there’ll be no stopping it.”

The rewards of ministry are many. Perhaps the best one is knowing I am where God intends me to be, doing what He called me to do.