Joseph Kain

Date of Ordination: May 21, 2011
Current Assignment: Holy Family Parish, Sewell

One day a young altar server showed up to serve mass. He would always come early to help set things up. One time, while serving mass he was kneeling at the altar and during the consecration a feeling of peace came over him. That feeling felt so good that he served as often as he could. Living close to the church he was frequently called upon at the last minute for weddings and especially funerals. It was if God was guiding him because it was while serving at funerals that he came to envision God’s love embracing the family members of the deceased.

As he matured, God continued to guide him; sometimes needing to refocus him to His plan. That feeling of faith, and love of God, that he experienced over the years… deepened. That altar server was me. Later I joined ministries in church while stationed in the Air Force and when I returned home. However, over the years there was an empty feeling in me, that I was supposed to do more. I spoke with my pastor one day after mass about the diaconate. He said I should apply and see what happens. Today, there is no doubt in my mind, that as a deacon, I am where I am supposed to be. Just like this altar server, we are all being guided by God in our lifetime for his purpose….we just need to trust in Him.