Joseph Garozzo

Date of Ordination: 6-11-2005
Current Assignment: St Clare of Assisi, Swedesboro

My journey started as a young boy in grade school at St. Joseph grammar school in Swedesboro. As I became old enough to become a altar server I became very much interested in the Eucharist, in the priest reverence and the power of the sacrament. I heard God calling me to be a priest. I even talked to my mother about it. I told her how could I be a priest with all these splinters in my hands from working on the family farm. She replied with this; “even Jesus had splinters in his hand as a carpenter’s son”. It was after that discussion that I put the calling to the side.

Years later after my father died, I became aware of his loving me even more. I was 17 years old and had to support the family by running the farm. I put Jesus off for a few years but he never put me off. In 1972, I married my wife, a very spiritual woman. Both of us had made a Cursillo weekend and that is when Jesus called to me again and said he wanted me to be a deacon. The feeling was so strong it is and was hard to explain but I knew it was time.

Being a deacon has been so rewarding to me and my family. People come to us at our business and ask for prayers, at church and even in a bank parking lot. It is not the title of deacon that is important but that people see Jesus in you.