James Hogan

Date of Ordination: May 12,2007
Current Assignment: Retired

I was attending an Emergency Management Seminar in Emmetsburg, Maryland. During my free time I visited the Shrine of Mother Seton. In a moment of solitude, an elderly sister approached me and asked me if I was a priest. I laughed because I was a high-ranking law enforcement officer who was going through the motions of being a Catholic. I did have a couple of good friends who were deacons so I began to talk to them about the diaconate. This process took about ten years. On two occasions, I thought I should start the process of formal discernment. Both of these “starts” ended when the demands of secular life put the matter on the back burner. My beloved wife of 52 years believes that the long illness of both my parents was the reason I entered the diaconate. Who am I to dispute my wife?

The discernment was six and a half years and it was a challenge. Class was every Saturday and was disruptive to my established life style. I only missed one class and that was for my brother-in-law’s ordination to the diaconate in the Atlanta diocese. Michael’s ordination solidified my commitment to follow God’s will and not mine.

I was ordained and served in three parishes. They were all different and have had an immense impact on my life. I have served my community since I was 21 years of age. I have served my God and His church from 2007 until now. It is my prayer that I continue to do the Lord’s work in some fashion until my strength is exhausted.