Gerard Jablonowski

Date of Ordination: May 12, 2007
Current Assignment: Church of the Holy Family, Sewell

Having been raised in a Catholic household in Philadelphia and attended Catholic elementary and high schools, I have been blessed with a deep rooted faith passed on to me through the love and sacrifice of my parents. Such a foundation has always served to keep my faith alive. Marrying my wonderful wife Patty and raising our four beautiful children through the experience of Catholic school and high school, I was continually fed with the joy and graces of our faith.

Becoming active in my parish, and experiencing joy and fulfillment in various ministries and charitable service projects for many years, I slowly began to sense a call toward a more profound commitment to serve the Church with the energy, enthusiasm, and gifts that God had given me. Through prayer and with the support of my wife and encouragement of my pastor, I was able to more clearly discern and respond to that call, seeking admission into Diaconate formation in December 2000.

Formation proved to be a challenging and enduring yet wonderful time of spiritual growth, learning, and most of all, ascertaining the genuine nature of the call being from God, and not just from me.

The humbling experience of ordination in May of 2007 was an awesome awaking of my senses to now live that commitment to the Diaconate as a servant of Charity, proclaimer of the Word, and minister at the Altar. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to serve God’s people in so many ways.