Frank Guaracini

Date of Ordination: May 9, 2009
Current Assignment: St. Mary of Mt. Carmel, Hammonton

As a youth, I attended Catholic Schools in Vineland, and Sacred Heart Church. I grew up in an environment that encouraged me to include my Catholic religion as a part of my daily life. I enjoyed attending Mass and Liturgical Services and participating in Ministries. As I got older. , took on various Ministries of Greeting, Reader/Lector, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, and many Church activities. Parish Ministry enabled me to be involved in Parish Life and I was able to develop a prayer life that kept drawing me to having a closer relationship to Jesus Christ and His Body the Church. I was always drawn to pray and listen to the Word of God and incorporate these into my daily life.

Being in the business world and always meeting and interacting with many people, I always enjoyed helping other people in need to the best of my ability. Through observing priests and deacons, I was drawn to consider being an Permanent Deacon with dedication to serving God’s people.

Gradually I began to think about and realize, in a humble manner, that God was calling me to use my gifts and talents to serve in the Church as a Permanent Deacon.