Fernando Encarnado

Date of Ordination: May 02, 2015
Current Assignment: Our Lady of Hope, Blackwood

My journey began in November 2005. Father Rocco had asked me if I was interested in becoming a deacon. A lot of things came back to my mind in that moment when that question was asked. I remember almost everything from my childhood all the way to my adulthood. I served as an altar server, choir member, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and Lector.

Never will I understand God’s calling at this time. I have prayed for discernment asking our Lord for guidance and the help of The Holy Spirit to show me the way to respond to this call.

All of a sudden I heard the reading from Luke 10:2 Jesus said, “There is a large harvest, but few workers to gather it in. Pray to the owner of the harvest that he will send out workers to gather in His harvest.”

I reflect on this passage every time I go to Church, I see the whole congregation which is the harvest on the scripture and the workers is the disciples (priest, deacon, religious and lay people) are few. Jesus calls us to pray for common workers.

I know God has been trying to call me all my life but I always ignored his calling, until my former Pastor asked me if I wanted to be a Deacon. I have been awakened. I’m answering his call this time. I know that the task is overwhelming. The only reality worth taking with ultimate seriousness is to serve the Lord. Jesus seeks to recruit me as a worker in His harvest and I say, O Lord I’m here ready to serve you.