Felix Tito Miranda

Date of Ordination: March 15, 1997
Current Assignment: Retired

Having worked in corporate America until just 15 years ago after having spent 4 years in the Army before that, I combined my workday and family life for many years discerning a call to ministerial service as a deacon. I strongly felt the need; particularly among the Spanish-speaking community, and thought I could really make a difference in the lives of many of the Diocese for whom Spanish language and culture are the primary means through which they live the Faith.

I was ordained on March 15, 1997, after many years of diaconate formation. This was only made possible by the love and support of my wife, the priests of my parish, family and friends.

After 20 years of service, I would never trade my ministry for anything. The people see me out in the community, even outside of church, and approach me with such great thanks and so many kind words. I must tell them every time that I give thanks to God and to you for the richness you have provided in my life and the life of my family.”