David Murnane

Date of Ordination: March 15, 1997
Current Assignment: St. Mary Parish, Gloucester City

I was very involved with my parish, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Lector, teaching CCD, bringing communion to the local hospital on Saturdays. The parish priest said to me that everywhere he turns he sees me. Maybe it is time I join them on the altar. Up until then I had not thought about the diaconate.

When discerning this invitation, I had read several spiritual books, which helped me to seek out in my own mind what I wanted, not only out of life, but how my faith guided me. There were many things that effected my decision, but mostly two. I wanted to leave this life, whenever that would be; with something to show that, my life meant something by contributing to my faith, my religion. The second thing was that I prayed constantly that if this was not what the Lord wanted to happen, do not let me be a deacon.

After two or so years in the program, I realized that I was a changed man, whether or not I was ordained. I would never be the same guy, my faith had a grasp on me, to where I really wanted to live out a life of service.